Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Balance your Health & Business

Humans are the priceless gifts of God! Almighty has created numerous beautiful creatures and we all are his creations. God created the heavens and the earth, day & night, Sky and oceans. Our body is the powerful creation of HIM. We have set of organs which work so perfectly that sometimes it seems like a natural machine keeps on working day and night. To make our body fit and running we need to take care of it. The type of current lifestyle, we are leading is full of stress and anxiety. We all are running so fast that we can’t see the contrary affects, we have on our body. So as with our professional life, we want to touch the sky in one go which is not possible practically and this takes us in pool of stress. Our dissatisfaction results in ill health and poor self esteem.

Areyo Dadar helps you to get rid of the health and professional problems. He is a fitness trainer over past 3 years who strongly believes that healthy living Improve the quality of life. You will be surprised to know that he can manage your relationship problems, as Areyo has experienced as a relationship manager too.  He worked for US bank for 2 years.

Dadar is currently living in Omega, working as a Vice president of marketing in “Short sale pros” and is interested in Real Estate. He works for Short Sale Pros. It is a short sale negotiation firm that specializes in working with agents to handle their paperwork and negotiations with the bank all at no cost.

Exercise is the key factor for staying healthy. Being a fitness freak, Areyo Dadar always writes the numerous blogs on health & stress management.

Areyo Dadar | Health and Fitness

Some health tips by Areyo Dadar
  • Exercise daily and keep your body fit for future.
  • Enjoy your present and bury the worries of future.
  • Detoxify your body to remove toxins every once in a year.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and raw vegetable to boost your digestive system.
  • Think positive and have high self esteem.

Areyo being the vice president of “Shot sale pros” has direct and practical approach to his work. His success mantra for a successful professional life is, never mingle your personal and professional life. You are the boss of your thoughts; never let them control your mind and brain.

Areyo Dadar has enriched experience in real estate too. You can get the benefit in many ways from multi talented person like him. So do not forget to take advice from Areyo Dadar for your Health and professional problems.